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original title: how to make marathon no longer a "killer"

doctors and nurses, emblem is the first. Will the runners feel more secure when they are around?

now, almost every weekend there are news happy explosion to brush my circle of friends, over the weekend, light in April 10th this Sunday, someone in the brush Fan Ye Bing Bing leading the Wuhan marathon; someone in Hengdian "through history"; some people brush in the women's marathon in Shenzhen and Taipei respectively, coordinate.

but there are also tragedies from time to time. It was April 10th, during a Hongkong man marathon in Gyeongju in South Korea died suddenly, the local police initially estimated to die of heart disease; in Yangling Science City International Marathon, a man at a distance of 20 medical points (41 km) about 100 meters suddenly fell to the ground, eventually died.

safe running horse, scientific horse running horse, healthy horse, is the Chinese marathon development urgent need to advocate at the moment.

needs to know horse
"marathon is a extreme sport, and it's dangerous." Hou Shilun, a specialist in ambulance and rehabilitation from the Beijing Sport University, says. In his view, many domestic running friends regard marathon as a party, blindly persist in, run unscientifically, pursue Pb continuously, and win the medal by crazy. And these are all very undesirable.

"first learn to run, step by step, scientific training, do not forget the beginning of the heart." This is Hou Shilun's advice to the runners. In the first sentence, probably a lot of people don't agree, who doesn't think running. But Hou Shilun once conducted a survey in the Olympic holy place of Beijing, Olympic Forest Park. He found that 80% of the runners were incorrect in running posture. For example, many people are still running with their heels on the ground, which will cause great damage to the body.

according to incomplete statistics, injuries during running, and 82% of muscle spasms. At the end of the March Qingyuan marathon, said nearly 20 thousand people participating, a total of 12208 cases of injuries, including muscle spasm was 9838, severe 5.
" lack of preparation, cold weather, insufficient fluid, training level and physical level are not enough. " The four points, Hou Shilun said, are the causes of muscle spasm, which is a reflection of the lack of running knowledge of running friends.

, who has many years of professional sports team experience, admitted that Hou Shilun had rarely done sports training for the group before. But now he is very willing to spread sports medicine to the public. Hou Shilun believes that ordinary runners in the marathon in syncope and sudden death events can be avoided, but also more important than self-help and mutual aid, "all the people who take part in sports, only to engage in the match with their body movement, injuries and loss of life risk will be reduced, in order to achieve the purpose of" exercise is medicine "." But this requires learning from friends and accumulating knowledge of scientific running, "marathon"

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