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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Mitutoyo brand observation] Nike Shoes is a Taiwan-funded manufacturing enterprises, investment in the mainland for over twenty years. By rising labor costs, tax policy adjustments and other factors, the company production capacity nearly ten years in the eastern coastal strategic shift, and gradually tilted to the Southeast Asian countries. Taking into account the layout of the market, industry maturity, corporate image and other factors, Mitutoyo footwear represents can not completely leave the Chinese mainland, but stick to this, the heart is full of entangled. strategic shift assistant floor Sampoong Footwear Company Limited, chairman of Ping told the "Economic Information Daily" reporte cheap jordans online rs, the company in 1988 to invest on the mainland, has been focused on manufacturing, contract manufacturing mainly Nike sports shoes. "At present, enterprises face the biggest problem is the high labor costs, labor costs began to grow from 2002 to 2009, a substantial adjustment, since a rate of about 12% rise year after." House Ping said. labor tension seems to have become the biggest constraint Mitutoyo footwear development. Even if wages rise, also recruit dissatisfied, unable to retain workers. Before new workers to recruit them, train one or two months can be stable posts. Now the wastage rate of new workers to reach 60% within six months, can be retained for more than one year and less than 30%. With the east coast rising labor cos Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ts, the company has gradually shifted production capacity in the coastal line. From Kunshan to Fuzhou, Putian and then present Mitutoyo footwear in China, it has built three factories. House Ping said, because the salary is too high the Yangtze River Delta, Kunshan plant is now only a high value-added air accessories, basically rely on complete machinery automation, artificial dependency is small. Fuzhou plant also reduced the size of this year, only Putian plant is currently developing well, 13,000 workforce is still relatively stable, but also because there labor costs have not risen up. by labor, raw material cost factors, 2000 new investment Sampoong footwear began to tilt Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries in recent years, th Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping e pace of expansion in mainland China has not as Vietnam, corporate profits are not as Vietnam. "stick" price House Ping believe, on processing and manufacturing, the future China will no longer be the focus of foreign investment, but the existing processing industry also can not be completely out of the mainland market, including buyers such as Nike, annually It will guarantee a certain amount of Chinese orders. This is about the global distribution of foreign investors, the need for dispersion of risk, they must guarantee a certain volume of orders in China. Compared with Vietnam, Thailand and other areas of the sudden outbreak of political events, China's political stability, the investment environment is mature, better government effic cheap jordans for sale iency, clean degree. For international buyers, these factors are very persuasive. A more important reason is that China, as one of the world's most important economies, if the foreign investors exit completely, will cause great negative impact on its own, or even damage to business reputation. "Imagine a big brand, if complete withdrawal of China, the outside world will certainly guess what went wrong business." House Ping said. In addition, while labor costs rise, but the mainland, there are other advantages, such as a complete industrial chain, better labor quality and proficiency, develop opportunities related industries. Some Taiwan businessmen in the mainland has to achieve diversification, in addition to the footwear industry also in Retro jordans for sale volved in other industries, it is impossible then transfer the focus of the entire industry to Southeast Asia. In Mitutoyo footwear, for example, the current size of the stock still persist in China, the production capacity remained stable, but the "stick" also allow enterprises to pay the price. House Ping told the "Economic Information Daily" reporters that the increase in various cost factors, the company's profitability in recent years, almost no growth, margins can only be maintained at a low level. House Ping stressed the need to guard against the manufacturing of "hollowing out", the mainland has not yet developed to the extent not require secondary industry, there is no basis for the real economy as the manufacturing sector, the se Cheap air jordans for sale rvice sector will lose support. Although the coastal labor contradiction, but there are hundreds of millions of migrant workers in the Midwest need to address employment, processing and manufacturing is still the largest exporter to provide jobs. F Ping believes that industry does not have high and low points, among the traditional industries can also have high-tech, high-end equipment and scientific management methods. "For the processing trade and traditional manufacturing, the focus should be to speed up the work of the government to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, monitoring corporate legal compliance, social responsibility." expect fair "We entered the mainland twenty years, has become an integral part of China's eco cheap foamposites nomy, the differences within the foreign investment no longer exists." House Ping suggested that an objective look at the continent's economic development stage characteristics, face foundry longer necessary sex, companies should be given fair treatment. First, refining and improving social security and other critical systems, ease the pressure on enterprise labor costs as soon as possible. House Ping said, companies now pay social security for migrant workers, accounting for 40% of labor costs, but this part of the social security benefits of migrant workers are not fully enjoy. She recommends that companies pay in the local social security to employees, with their hometown in NCMS, the new agricultural insurance accounts butt as soon as cheap jordans for sale mens possible, on this basis, appropriate to reduce the proportion of companies to pay, both to reduce the burden on enterprises, but also to a fee for each are falls employee social security account. Second, industrial policy, internal and foreign alike, not to engage in discrimination. "Compared with preferential policies, we are more concerned about the stability of policy." House Ping believes that the overall investment environment in mainland China, the hardware facilities good, the soft environment, including government efficiency and quality of civil servants, the execution is good, but the macro- the environment is not conducive to the development of the foundry business, and there are objective factors of economic development, as well Retro jordans for sale as local governments subjective reasons. "In recent years we can clearly feel local government is relatively more willing to support local enterprises, the development of local brands." Third, the development of processing trade enterprises gradient transfer of professional planning, corporate maneuvers, transfer to reserve time and space. House Ping told the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, there was a rival factory moved to the middle of the province, at a lower price rush orders. I did not expect next year to increase the local minimum wage standards; labor costs, plus the cost of inland transportation, unskilled workers, and other factors, operating conditions immediately die, ultimately, to close the factory. Each worker sacri cheap jordan shoes for men ficing a year's wages, companies also proceeded to lose the money did not earn a one hundred million. House Ping said that now both eastern Midwest, are high-tech, high-end services in droves, some areas are actually the local industrial base and labor quality disjointed. I hope the Government fully understood the necessity of stage presence and processing manufacturing enterprises, led the development of a professional industrial transfer plan, in support of corporate restructuring and upgrading, but also to guide the direction of the gradient transfer business. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)The 23 is Jordan's jersey number, twenty-third Jordan shoes conference February 23rd, 798 in Beijing made a dynamic conference. (posted) had the honor and a friend to attend the conference, before going to know is a Nike party, to the scene to know, not so much from the "23", let me excited almost tears.Very much Scarlett is the Naqiang pinch tune in, I went back to reality.... Yangcong_16 yangcong_16 is, this is just a conference a movement of Nike's profits predators brand "Jordan shoes", celebrities zhengfangdouyan to mix a fashion. But again, I love these "23" surrounded by love, all these can let me intoxicated. What if there is not perfect, I think there are people in the end, took the microphone again that thousands of people have been heavy said innumerable words: no one, absolutely no one can compare with Michael Jordan (NBA). 〈br yangcong_16="" yangcong_16 20084169123.jpg (33.54 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-4-16 09:32 upload 〉Givenchy 2013 autumn shoes preview Author: EFU uploaded to 2013-1-6 16:13:43 recommended reading: 204: 0: 0: reply SNK shoes information classificationAs king James the next generation of new personal signature boots LEBRON 5 SAMPLE NIKE ZOOM has been exposed, this time there is a new color version of the LB5 SAMPLE, recently for the new LB5 has been paid more and more attention, with this will be in the second half of the year listed, do not know when there will be what the new color style launch, I'll wait and see. 2 simple color, with a striking sign. the little emperor, led his team for the first time this year the Knights advanced to the finals. He proved that he just to Cleveland the words "I will make the team stronger!" 0.jpg (70.91 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-30 08:49 upload 1.jpg (145.47 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-30 08:49 upload 2.jpg (142.49 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-30 08:49 upload 3.jpg (149.11 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-30 08:49 upload 4.jpg (81.54 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-30 08:49 upload

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